Filter Water Bottle as the best Hiking /survival/ backpacking / tactical gear.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Camping life is quite interesting, exciting and challenging, not only because of the great sites that can be visited but also because of the wide range of knowledge of which one must possess, or should get; Not for nothing do mountain sports and excursions are known as the most complete sport that exists: From disciplines quite technical as medicine, fitness, whether to others not as strict as stellar orientation, nutrition, psychology, and others.

Although all the knowledge about the different areas at the same time will not be used, it is important to know or at least have a basic idea of how to handle different situations of camper life that in turn are often quite unpredictable.

One of these disciplines of utmost importance in camping life is survival; the ultimate goal of this is to have the necessary skills to act safely and get a very high degree of success in adverse situations or danger that we may be living.

We all know that water is life. It`s important when we go out to prevent dehydration and another important thing is to ensure some source of the liquid. But an important question in the world of camping, once you have access to water: what to do when there is no clean water?

The worst thing you can do is take dirty or contaminated water because this apparent solution to mitigate the thirst can lead to something worse: infection, indigestion, discomfort, and of course ingesting some liquid that we don´t trust with a bad taste.

In order to resolve this conflict we can:

1.- To Apply some of the most complicated methods of filtering the water that usually requires some materials which no one would think to carry to an excursion.

2.-To Use a filter water bottle, practical, comfortable and easy to use and that will not represent any problem of use.

For several years, the military world saw the birth of a survival water bottle that was created to be used in combat in situations of survival. The models evolved to reach the super small and portable model that we have today in the market.

The benefits of having a Filter Water Bottle are countless, it is worth to mention:

a.- Security: these filters are designed to be super reliable, fail-safe. Obviously, the origin of the water source represents an important point to know if we can take or not from some source of water, but, the important thing is to know that the vast majority of water samples filtered with the bottle will be able to be consumable and they are going to save the life.

b.- Comfort: We always worry about the size of our camping tools, we want it to be comfortable to use (for example that it is like a simple bottle of water) and we also want it to be easy to transport (no one wants to transport large filtering machines Water). This backpacking water bottle occupies the same space as your water bottle in your backpack, so this aspect is a great point in favor.

c.-Practicality: we imagine that purifying water is a process by which a person must have a specialized team, turn it on, introduce water, add as many grams of some chemical compound, wait half an hour and then ... With the filter water bottle no. The entire filtering process is summarized in filling the bottle with water and then drinking from it.

d.- Aesthetics: the tool has a beautiful appearance that naturalizes its use. We might think that being a tactical tool to use in survival it doesn´t need to be very striking. It's understandable. The designers, in this case, have managed to get both parts of the theme, the technology of a high-quality water filter and a beautiful water container.

We will be wondering how bad it can be the intake of water of bad quality, dirty or bad looking? and the truth is that it doesn´t sound so bad, some even mention that pollution is everywhere ...

Well, maybe we can get surprised.

One of the conditions in which we could incur is dysentery, which produces a kind of diarrhea. Although an adult probably doesn´t die for this, a child does, and we all like to do outdoor activities with our children.

Cholera is another frequent condition that is especially responsible for diarrhea and vomiting because it is due to an infection in the intestine. If not treated in time can cause dehydration and death.

Schistosomiasis: are parasites that cause infection of the liver that can later cause death, it is interesting to know that it is not even necessary to ingest the contaminated water, it is enough that the water is in contact with the skin of the person so that there is a high possibility of infection.

Typhus: which is also caused by bacteria and these can cause diarrhea. Vomiting, inflammation of the spleen, fever, infection of the intestine, and later fever.

Trachoma: another infection that alters the visual system, causes the deterioration of the eyes and vision. It affects children more than anything and was always related to poor hygiene practices and the intake of contaminated water.

Typhoid fever: This dangerous condition affects the body also in the digestive system causing vomiting and loss of appetite, but also, causes many headaches.

With the use of one of these filters, we increase the certainty that some nearby water source we have virtually assured the supply of the precious liquid.

Another of the biggest advantages offered by this hiking water bottle is to avoid cheating. It is very common in the mountain to find "safe" sources of water that later we realized that they were not. Having a filter, in this case, is the best.

Finally we can say that acquiring a filter water bottle is not only one of the most practical options we have to enjoy the camping life to the fullest, but also, when hydrating is important, it is one of the safest options we will have to access to the water that we need to be able to reach the objectives of our travel to the mountain.




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