A story of a traveler who used a filter water bottle on his hiking tour

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The best solution is to take a water filter bottle with you, it helps a lot.

Life goes around a lot and you never know where the next travel will be

That's why we should always be prepared for any situation. I know it sounds very philosophical but it is the truth, plus one never knows in what aspect of life you should do it already for life is an important one. For a camper, there are many fundamental points to take into account but there are a few more important as the water you must transport. Before leaving on a hike, it is necessary to plan which sources of water are those that are at our disposal, those that we can carry and those that we find along the way.

Drink water with Confidence

From the sources that find on the way we can be sure that 90% of the time we will not have confidence about the origin the origin of the liquid that we find, and it is not for less if it is a little-known route and if it is a route to which we will access for the first time we will have no knowledge of the information about what we will find there: where it comes from, what chemical composition it has, it is really clean water or it comes from the underground, if an animal was near to there, if it frequented by wild or domesticated animals all the time, if it is stagnant, or if at any moment it is stagnant. that is why it is essential to have a plan, or by means of which we can resolve this type of diatribes to finally be able to access water and be able to develop our route normally.

The best solution is to take a water filter with us, it is transportable and also has the measure of any container to transport water.

"It's as natural as crouching down to pick up the water, introduce a bit of water in the filter water bottle as we would normally," says Harold Ferrer. Spanish mountain climber of 32 years old with more than 10 years doing ascends to the Pyrenees, between the borders of Spain and France. A demanding route, but famous among the Iberian country.

I ask Harold about his mountaineering life and how he is prepared with respect to the water he will use in his travels:

"everybody knows WATER IS VITAL AND THAT´s ALL that you SHOULD KNOW IT, I when I started in this at age 20, despite having from a family in favor of the preservation of the environment where water was very important, for me, water was just the thing that you should take with you when you are going to the mountain to mitigate the thirst and it was the only way I could think I could use the water and in that measure it was important to do my activities . I took a plastic bottle of water and that's it. I quickly realized that I was doing routes bigger. I was demanding more and more water. It is very common that camping is a very sporty discipline at first people only focus on basic aspects related to the sport: physiotherapy, aerobic training, anaerobic, muscular groups, but it is true that the nutritional part is always forgotten.

"The truth is that little by little I realized the key importance of making a hydration plan along the way, I realized that many times when I had the possibility of drink water during the long journey, I did it with imprudence and it was usually ended up in the hospital or in some consultation in the doctor, and in many cases it was due to stomach / digestive problems. That situation made I took the decision to instruct me in the matter and know under what

circumstances or what caused the constant visits to the doctor after camping travels. It was evident that the concurrent stomach problems were caused by pathogenic agents that were found in the water that we invested in the water we were drinking. “And how did you solve that problem? “One day a good camping friend recommended me to visit a backpacking water bottle web page that was going to interest me (laughs), and I said, well, I found these peak life filters that I thought were really cool, I immediately started investigating the brand and technology of the products and the truth I was impressed with the effectiveness of the filter, if I had known that before I would not have spent so much money (laughs), and even it is cute bottle, but hey, now I know what is the issue, and I am more aware of the dangers of ingesting contaminated water "

Peak life offers the best filter bottles and the truth is that the company has been developing with the great effort these high-quality products to offer the public something of quality and even incomparable price. Once purchased you will have a safe and responsive team that is worth acquiring and you can also use it on any trip, regardless of where you go or, under any condition:

"We were planning a trip to Asia, with the friends and everything, more or less 3 years ago. So, we focused on Asia, we set out to make a route with several stopovers, backpacking. Relegating the high mountains for another time. And among the proposals of countries, there were one of going through India, then we visited Iran, Nepal, and I said well, it seems acceptable to me. As usual, I started to search the web and I was surprised by the number of people commenting on the health problems that you could get when drinking water, normal water, in India. Well, I did not want to go back to the hospital for the same reason, so I managed to make them buy all their peak life hiking water bottle filters. It was the best I could have suggested for the trip. In spite of leading a life of backpackers with little resources in India, we do not get sick from contaminated water even once, since then I fully and absolutely recommend the peak life products, and everyone is grateful, the internet community is grateful, my friends too. Very useful really. "

There are many tools for the camper world, and this is one of them. The important thing is to be prepared in any situation and thus be able to enjoy our activities smoothly without having to end up in the doctor.




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