Frequently asked questions

Can I refrigerate copper water bottles?

NO. Copper vessels should not be stored in the fridge, it is advised to keep them in room temperature. Peak Life copper bottles are not copper flasks, but copper water bottles and they must be kept at room temperature.

How long to keep water in the copper bottle?

To derive maximum benefit from the Peak life copper water bottle, store water in this bottle overnight for anywhere between 8 to 14 hours and consume the water preferably in the morning.

Can I store hot water in the copper water bottle?

NO. When heated, copper can develop a layer of brownish-black copper oxide. It is not advisable to store hot water in the copper bottle or heat in a copper bottle due to the risk of copper oxidation.

If you find black stains developing on the bottle add salt to lemon juice to form a paste. Then, using a soft cloth, rub the paste in a gentle, circular motion to remove any spots.

How can I tell if the bottle is pure?

One of the simplest methods to test pure copper is to apply lemon juice over it. Then rinse it with water and it will glow like reddish Colour. This is a sign of pure copper. Second test, you can find the density of the copper by weighing on electronic weight measurement machine and volume by dimension.

Can I store juice or drinks or milk in this bottle?

NO. Copper water bottles should not be used for storing anything but water as there is risk of the copper reacting with acids in juice/drinks/milk.

How much copper administered water do I have to drink per day?

Studies have shown that the trace of copper in the water after storage in a copper container is low and completely safe for consumption. We recommend drinking one liter of copper water per day.

What is a copper?

Copper itself is a natural element that occurs in the earth's crust. Copper is formed by high temperatures of volcanic magma, creating hydrothermal veins. It usually occurs in combination with other elements, although it can be found in the pure form...

Is copper good for the environment?

Yes! It is not only an excellent substitute for plastic bottles, but it is a relatively soft malleable material, which means it can be formed without breaking. Because of these qualities and because it is an element, copper can be recycled many times, and it still retains its quality.

What can the copper bottle do that my water purification system cannot do at home?

Current "domestic" water purification systems vary in their refinement and ability to purify water from faucets. You can get some great ones that eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and chlorine, etc., and others that are limited. However, the copper vessel does not purify water like filters for vacterias and other harmful content Therefore, it is better to first use a water filter to remove chlorinated water and other chemical waste. Copper vessel makes the prified water more healthier to drink.

Can I get too much copper if I always drink from my copper water bottle?

Although the concept of storing water in copper containers originated centuries ago and finds its origin in Ayurvedic medicine, it is receiving increasing attention from the regular scientific community. Several recent scientific studies have not only shown that water stored in a copper container can have attractive health benefits, but there is also no risk of getting too much copper with that method.

Can drinking a copper water bottle remedy my copper deficiency?

For people with copper deficiency, drinking water from a bottle of copper water can undoubtedly help to reduce the deficiency. However, if you suffer from a copper deficiency, you should also consult your doctor to ensure that you make the other positive changes that are necessary to resolve your health problems.

How long does it take to make alkaline water?

Water stored in a copper container will become increasingly alkaline as it stays longer in the copper container, and the speed and extent of the alkalization process will depend on different environmental factors.

What type of water should I use in my copper water bottle?

You can use any type of water in your copper water bottle, including tap water, water that has passed through a filter, or even bottled water. You will probably notice the most significant difference with tap water, which is generally the least alkaline and requires the most excellent care. Although tap water is usually beautiful in most cities in the first world, you should consider filtering the water before you pour it into your copper water bottle.

Do I have to clean my copper water bottle before using it for the first time?

Your copper water bottle is ready to keep you hydrated as soon as you arrive, but we recommend washing the inside with warm water and a drop of liquid soap before filling it with drinking water.

Is it leakproof?

Each of our copper water bottles is covered with a leakproof cap. You can throw this bottle in your favorite bag with the confidence that it will remain airtight!

Are your copper water bottles handmade?

Yes, all our copper water bottles are handmade by skilled craftsmen who use traditional methods. As a result, each bottle will be unique and possibly have some imperfections that contribute to the character of the piece.




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